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this one was dated back on august 9th where i got so restless waiting for the national parade to start that i decided to skip it all and urged mom & kunnie to meet sam & cliff at relish for dinner. i went for their breakfast menu this time round & ordered their eggs benedict - which i thereafter imposed an abstinence on because the eggyness really killed the dish in a bad way. i recommended the carbonara pasta to my mom & sam & a burger to kunnie which were all devoured heartily. naturally, a night spent out at serangoon gardens will result in a conclusion at udders for their super tasty waffles + ice-cream. i got up & did a commemorative (massive) scribble on the walls of udders as i was proud to be out of the house on national day.

Full Photoset: http://on.fb.me/n2Eoc4

Relish: http://www.wildrocket.com.sg/relish.htm
Udders: http://www.udders.com.sg